Most Asked Questions

What software is needed?

Typically, a template will require three or four specific software programs that will allow you to customize the various template files. Most templates will require:

  • a. WinZip Windows OR Stuffit Expander Mac to uncompress the template ZIP package.
  • b. Adobe Photoshop CS+ an image editor to edit the graphic/image source files
  • c. Adobe Dreamweaver CS+ an HTML editor to edit the HTML files.


Our templates include all Photoshop and Font source files.

All of our Flash templates include a full non-Flash version. You receive both versions with the purchase of a template. Keep in mind, if you are not going to use the Flash version, then you will not need the Flash software, but you will require any other specified software. And the motion or animation effects will not be present in the non-Flash version. All newer HTML templates do not use Flash but rather newer and more efficient methods for similar animated effects.

Important: Please refer to the individual template Details for individual template specifications and software requirements.

Are the templates easy to modify?

That will depend on your expertise with the required software. A template is not a substitute for working knowledge of the required software. Please refer to the individual template Details Section for individual template specifications and software requirements.

What am I allowed and not allowed to do with the templates?

You may use a template to build one website any way you wish. If you wish to use the template for another website you must re-purchase the template. You may not resell or redistribute templates as purchased. However, as a web designer or web developer, you may use a template to build a website which you then sell to a client.

What are the two prices shown for a template?

The Normal (default) price means is may be sold to another customer. The Buyout (higher) price means it is immediately removed from the website offering and will never be sold again.

Is SEO (search engine optimization) any different with a template?

The same concepts and principles of SEO used on any website may be applied to a template-based design also.

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