While WordPress is Easy to Use I am Concerned that I Will Need a Developer and Not Be Able to Afford One. Is My Concern Warranted?

Answer: WordPress is actively used in the mainstream web development community. Should you ever develop a need for the services of a developer, you will be able to find an affordable one. The sheer volume of developers ensures competitive prices. Also, it bears mentioning that when people think of web development they are referring to what is called the template. WordPress Graphics sells high quality WordPress templates to suit your business needs at affordable prices. Once the template is installed with your web host, much of what you think of as "web development" is really the addition, modification, or deletion of web content. It is very easy to change the web content displayed in a WordPress template. The content can even be updated from a smartphone. It's that easy. Also, other things you think would require a web developer are really solved by adding a plugin. Plugins install easily and provide the additional functionality without any web programming. It takes very little technical skill to install a WordPress plugin.

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WordPress Graphics also specializes in existing website conversions to WordPress.

We will convert your current website to a WordPress theme and website. A WordPress conversion will allow content changes by a novice. There is no need for technical experience because all content changes can be accomplished through the standard WordPress menu. Qualifications of a webmaster are not required thereby allowing a larger workgroup to update your website. We can also install any WordPress add-on, widget or add custom functionality limited by your imagination alone.

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With each WordPress Graphics Theme you receive all necessary files and instructions how to set up your on-line blog or web site.



For more information about our WordPress Themes, you may speak with support help anytime or email us.

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