Is WordPress' Performance Impacted by Plugins?

Answer: Anyone who's loaded up their web browser with plugins can attest that plugin use can slow down performance. While WordPress has a seemingly endless library of plugins which grows daily, this doesn't mean that your WordPress-based Webpage can operate quickly being loaded up to the hilt with plugins. Make sure that only plugins essential to your content are used. Any plugins which are not needed should be deactivated or removed. You can always add more functionality as you deem necessary but do not risk losing valuable viewers because a web page loads time is slow. The age adage "moderation in all things" is still applicable in the information age.

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WordPress Graphics also specializes in existing website conversions to WordPress.

We will convert your current website to a WordPress theme and website. A WordPress conversion will allow content changes by a novice. There is no need for technical experience because all content changes can be accomplished through the standard WordPress menu. Qualifications of a webmaster are not required thereby allowing a larger workgroup to update your website. We can also install any WordPress add-on, widget or add custom functionality limited by your imagination alone.

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With each WordPress Graphics Theme you receive all necessary files and instructions how to set up your on-line blog or web site.



For more information about our WordPress Themes, you may speak with support help anytime or email us.

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