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WordPress 3 Complete by April SilverThis a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial. The book is a guide to WordPress for both beginners and those who have slightly more advanced knowledge of WordPress.

If you are new to blogging and want to create your own blog or website in a simple and straightforward manner, then this book is for you. It is also for people who want to learn to customize and expand the capabilities of a WordPress website. You do not require any detailed knowledge of programming or web development, and any IT-confident user will be able to use the book to produce an impressive website.


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WordPress Graphics also specializes in existing website conversions to WordPress.

We will convert your current website to a WordPress website. A WordPress conversion will allow a relative novice to make content changes to your website. You will not need an understanding of website programming as most content changes can be accomplished through the menu system standard to WordPress. Qualifications of a webmaster are not needed to make most content changes thereby allowing a larger workgroup to update your website. We can also install most WordPress add-on widgets.

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After purchasing a WordPress Graphics Theme you will get all the necessary files and instructions on how to set up your on-line blog or web site.

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